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A woman harassed by her husband requests protection from President Paul Kagame

Thursday 16 January 2020, by : MUTESI Scovia
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Bya HABIMANA Jean Claude

Kamariza Olive (Mother of 3) from Musanze district who was severely battered by her husband (Vice Mayor) has brought her case to Twitter requesting safety from His Excellency Paul Kagame, the President of Republic of Rwanda.

The case of Kamaliza came last year when Rwanda Investigation Bureau (RIB) confirmed to having in custody Augustin Ndabereye, the vice mayor in charge of economic development in Musanze District due to assault.

RIB twitted “RIB has arrested Augustin Ndabereye, the vice Mayor in charge of Economic development in @MusanzeDistr over an alleged assault of his wife. He is held at Muhoza RIB Station as his case file is being processed”.

Many neighbors of Kamaliza have testified that her husband has always looking conflicts and his wife has never get peace expect abuses and injures.

According to the source from neighbors of Kamaliza, her husband has used his title (the vice mayor in charge of economic development) to assault his wife until he leaves with several bodily injuries.

“Dear Mr. President Kagame, I am requesting safety from you due to my husband has promised me to kill me and I do not want my children to be orphans” Kamaliza posted on twitter.

Kamaliza has brought attention to many Rwandans when she was narrating her bad experience on twitter but also sharing links of stories published related to her husband, but he continues insist to kill her anytime.

Hundreds of Rwandans have commented on twitter asking authorities and security organs to intervene and support Kamaliza.

Among the top leaders Kamaliza tagged includes President Paul Kagame and First Lady Jeannette Kagame, outlining a litany of incidents during which her husband reportedly assaulted her.

“Listen Madam, you have submitted your case, and you have passed the court. Have faith and trust justice and baily with us and wait the justice. We have zero tolerance to any kind of harassment and assault. This year we do have strength than ever. We will reach far if we are working together.” Johnson Busingye, the Minister of Justice replied on twitter.

Kamaliza’s photos are circulating on social media showing a patch on her head where her hair had been pulled out ostensibly by her husband during the assault.
Today Kamaliza has lawyer who is pledging divorce proceedings against her husband Augustin Ndabereye who is in custody and fired from his position.


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Iyandikishe ujye ubona Amakuru

Iyandikishe ujye ubona Amakuru